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Minga 101

Behind-the-scenes school operations profoundly impact academic success, graduation rates, and overall campus culture. However, disparate tools that lack integration create administrative inefficiencies, data discrepancies, and hurdles to building a unified school ecosystem. We are working to address these challenges with Minga’s Campus Management Platform, which empowers schools to streamline the entire campus experience.

Minga is a Campus Management Platform for school safety and engagement.  Minga is designed for the modern K12 school to enhance day-to-day operations' efficiency, security, and accountability, offering modules such as Digital Student IDs, Digital Hall Passes, Tardy Management, and more! 

Why did MHS implement this program?

Resources & Links

Minga Website

Minga Family Guide

Having Trouble (re: Tardy Management)?
  • Any student who is tardy and has issues with Minga can visit one of the eight (8) supervised Tardy Stations across the campus to receive assistance.
  • IF a student has chosen to download the App on their personal device, they can self-check-in and proceed to class. 
  • Students may also visit B118 or the front office if the above are unsuccessful.  

Digital IDs

Engagement & Communication

Digital Hall Passes

Tardy Management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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