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Mustang Families and Patrons,

In Mustang Public Schools we are so fortunate to have a community that supports our school district through volunteerism.  Each year, we benefit from the thousands of hours our patrons give to our schools.  The collaboration we share with parents and community partners is what makes our schools so great!

One of our greatest responsibilities as a district is to ensure safety for all students.  In an effort to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all, we require yearly background checks for volunteers who work directly with students. Each volunteer will be charged a small fee to complete the background check.  Our guidelines for volunteer background checks are as follows:

1.  All volunteers will need to have their ID scanned in the front office each time they enter the school.

2.   Volunteers working directly with students, without the presence of a Mustang Public

Schools employee, will be required to have a yearly background check.

3.  Volunteers supervising students in any capacity, including field trips, will be required to have a yearly background check.

4.   Mustang Public Schools administration reserves the right to limit access to students and schools to any volunteer for any reason regarding student safety.

There is a direct link on our district website to the Background Investigation Bureau. Each volunteer who completes a background check will be charged a fee of $11.95 at the time of the application.

If you have questions about whether or not you need a background check to volunteer at one of our schools, please visit with your child's teacher or principal 

Charles Bradley, Superintendent
Mustang Public Schools